That Word Categorised

Trying to find a word but only have a general idea of what you want. On this page I have sorted my That Word posts into categories so that if you’re looking you might find what you’re looking for. For an alphabetical list of words click here.


Laigh  – Low valleys


Alacrity –  liveliness

Ecstatic – happiness

Elation – high spirits

Gumption – courage

Joy – happiness

Ruth – sorrow, grief

Terrify –

Facial Expressions

Smile – Expression of happiness


Alacrity – briskness


Photo by Buenosia Carol on


Lunation – to do with the moon


Corsair – Ship


 Jimp (Gimp) – slender, slim


Serendipity – good fortune/luck

Zarf – holder

Hent – to seize

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