10 books I plan to read for #StartOnYourShelfathon

Hey all *waves*

Today I’m announcing that I will be participating in…

Credit goes to the Quiet Pond for creating this image

I am super excited to participate in this readathon and hope to read some of those unread books on my shelf. I can’t wait to begin collecting stars and adding them to my star map. In saying that I probably won’t actively participate in this one until the new year because I have some library books I want to finish off first.

I often only read 4-5 books a month so for each month in 2020 I think I want to work on at least one unread book from my physical shelf and one off my digital (either ebook or audiobook) shelf. It also leaves room for arcs, library books and the craziness of life. It would mean at least 24 books ticked off my TBR if I stick to that goal. At least that’s the plan. In all likelihood I hope to read more.

I may not be participating until the new year (probably) but I thought I would put a list of the top 5 books of both my physical and digital shelves that I hope to kick off my TBR.

Physical Book Shelf

Digital (ebook + audiobooks) Bookshelf

I didn’t realise until now how many of my TBR are parts of series. 😀

For more information and for the resources for #StartOnYourShelfathon like where you can find the banner I used both in my featured image and at the top of the post. As well as the star maps on which I am super excited to start creating my own constellations check out CW’s post @The Quiet Pond sharing all the details.

Have you heard of this readathon? Will you be participating in it? What are some of the first books you hope to tick off your owned TBR?

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