Pixie Dust Unboxing

Hey all *waves*

Today I am excited to bring you my first book box unboxing post.

Pixie Dust is a relatively new book box company which focuses on books based on already released book series. This is the second last book in the first series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Silver Chair, the second last book in the series involves the story of prince Rillian, son of King Caspian. I love this little story book which tells his story. It’s cute, pretty and I will treasure it. Heart eye emoji.

I have started collecting candles since getting book boxes and haven’t used them yet, but definitely mean to and I think this candle holder will be pretty with a candle inside. Also each box comes with it’s own jar of pixie dust. This purple one is gorgeous.

My favourite hot drink is a hot Chocolate and am super excited to try this Narnian one. I also think these mug rugs are pretty neat and almost don’t want to use them because their pretty and precious.

Every box has come with a recipe card and this one is Roast Potatoes. I haven’t actually tried making any of the recipes yet, but I definitely plan to in the near future.

And of course the exclusive Dust Jacket with the hardcover book. It also comes with a postcard from the artist explaining her inspiration for the cover.

And finally a photo of all items together.

In addition here is my current collection of books and their jars of respective pixie dust. (there is one less jar because I missed the first box and bought the book + dust jacket separately).

I loved putting this post together and think I will do more unboxing posts in the future. What are your thoughts? Do you get book boxes? What’s your favourite bookish item to collect?

One thought on “Pixie Dust Unboxing

  1. Papertea and Bookflowers says:

    Oh, this box looks really cool! I love getting hot chocolate in boxes. And I’m the same with mug rugs/coasters.. they are all too pretty to use 😅
    I think my fav items in boxes are socks, mugs and candles … can’t have too many of those!


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