Blog Tour: En Pointe by Chloe Bayliss ~ Book Review

Hey all, today I am excited to be participating in the blog tour for En Pointe by Chloe Bayliss.

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“Have you ever had an addiction? An obsession? Have you ever wanted something so much that you can’t imagine your life without it? For me, that’s dance.”

This is a story about never giving up on your dreams, no matter what life throws at you.

Chloe Bayliss was born to perform and thanks to a lot of hard work and determination, she’s on her way to being a ballerina. At sixteen, she gets accepted into an international dance school and everything she dreamed of is about to come true.

But then overnight a mystery illness takes Chloe from starring in Swan Lake to clinging to life in a hospital bed.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the hurdles she would face – but also how she would eventually triumph. Against all odds, she finds a whole new way to flourish, and despite the challenges she faces, Chloe never stops dreaming big.

En Pointe is the real-life story of how an aspiring ballerina became an inspiring young actor after overcoming a life-threatening illness.

Miracles really can happen, even if they’re not the ones you asked for. 

~ Pantera Press ~ Goodreads ~

Thank you to both AusYaBloggers and Panterra Press for organising the tour and providing me with a free copy for review.

The Review

I normally would probably consider Non-fiction as a genre outside of my comfort zone as it is a genre that I don’t read that often unless it’s for Uni which is a totally different thing. It made me slightly hesitant initially, but I loved the sound of this story and I knew I wanted to read it.

I think En Pointe is a powerful story of how life can change and how that can affect you. Chloe went from a girl who was chasing after her dreams at full throttle to suddenly facing the effects of an unknown illness that flipped life as she knew it on its side. Going months undiagnosed she battled through the effects of the illness both physically and emotionally.

I think it’s such a powerful journey. One where she could’ve given up on her dreams. She could’ve chosen a different path. Many people seemed to think she was naive to continue holding onto her dream of becoming a professional dancer. But she held on. She had the support of family, friends and teachers and was pushed through this tough time in her life.

I think everyone faces challenges where it can be hard to hold onto dreams and hope at times. Which is why I think this is such an important story. En Pointe is a story of pushing through the odds and holding onto your dream and hope even if the odds seem against you. Overall, I find Chloe’s story inspiring and I have no doubt that many others will as well.

So even in what might feel like the worst of times, don’t let anything hold you back. Play, laugh, live and love. Be silly, be wild, be serious be passionate and be strong. Be the person you want to be. ~ P.265

About The Author

Helpmann Award nominee and Finalist in the prestigious 2016 Heath Ledger Scholarship, Chloe Bayliss is one of Australia’s finest emerging actresses. She has numerous credits across stage and screen, including her role in the TV Week Logie Award nominated drama Doctor Doctor which is now filming its fourth season and will air on Nine later this year.

Chloe has an extensive background in dance and choreography, having graduated from the National College of Dance with a Diploma of Dance and Performance. Her life as a dancer has taken her all over America and she now extends her knowledge to students and performers throughout Australia by running workshops, teaching and judging dance scholarships.

Chloe hopes to spark conversation around a number of matters she is passionate about, using her own story of overcoming hardship to inspire and bring awareness to others.

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What are your thoughts? Will you pick this book up? Did you enjoy this review? Don’t forget to check out the other stops on this blog tour.

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