The Language of Words a character – Link Up May/June

Today I’m participating in The Language of Worlds (TLoW) character linkup which is hosted by Liv K. Fisher every two months.

I’m excited to be addressing these questions to the MC of my newest WIP. One of the things I love about this WIP is that I’m spending more time planning and plotting before I jump in and begin writing it.

Here is a quick bio so you can get a small sense of who he is before I get to know him more through these ten questions.

Michael is roughly in his mid teens. After several years of travelling in the desert with amnesia he has found a home with a group of other young travellers as they try and stay ahead of a malicious group intent on following them.

1. Your character goes for a leisurely stroll. Where too?

Michael doesn’t go for leisurely strolls. But if he were to it would lead him up a desert hill so he could find somewhere away from people and have sometime to just enjoy the sun and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet away from the worries of the desert.

2. What’s their favourite food? Why? What does it taste like?

Michael has lived in the desert for as long as he can recall. He didn’t know what he enjoyed before his amnesia, but he knows that he enjoys the feeling that comes with eating a nice warm meat pie.

3. Describe their typical day.

No day is really typical in the desert with being on the move all the time. A few things that are fairly typical are…

  • Wake up early
  • Check surroundings.
  • Spar with his friends
  • Run.
  • Find a safe place to camp at for the night.
  • Warm weather.

4. When are they most productive? Morning, evening, or sometime in-between?

Michael doesn’t have a particular time of the day he finds most productive. In his situation he is always on the move, he is mentally and physically active trying to prepare for as many scenarios as possible.

5. Who are they closest to?

Michael is always cautious when meeting new people. Over the years he has made connections of varying strengths with many people but the closest connection is like that of a brother to a boy roughly his age named Carson. They are alike because they have the same ability and just connected really well.

6. Have they ever lost someone close to them?

Michael suffers from amnesia. So in a way he has lost everyone. This is something that has affected him and made him wonder. But there have been other times when new memories have been made and he has lost them friends who have done their best to keep him and others safe.

7. Describe their Education.

Michael knows he must have had some sort of an education because despite having amnesia he knows how to read and write, a general enough understanding of math and understandings of more than one language.

8. What is their talents?

Michael is particularly talented in languages. While he certainly doesn’t know where or when he originally learnt them, his skill has refined and he has learnt additional languages through the many different people he has interacted with during his time in the desert.

9. When do they doubt themselves? What makes them do so?

Michael appears strong and undoubting, but in truth he doubts much. He doesn’t know who he was in the past or where he came from. He survives not really knowing where he is going. He doubts if he is going in the right place, if he should be leader despite the group thoroughly convinced he is the one for the job.

10. When do they feel most comfortable/cozy?

There are few people who know Michael, but the ones that know him best in his adventures in the desert, they are the ones he feels most comfortable with. He feels safe, he can trust them wholeheartedly. For him that is rare.

What do you think? Do you have any questions you would like to ask Michael? I would love it if you commented below.

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