Call for Questions: Cee Drakeford


Today I am excited to bring you my first call for questions for a character in my current WIP. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while as a way of sharing a slice of what I’m working on with you guys and a way you can also help me discover more about them. 

The Interviewee

Before you can ask those burning questions that I hope you have, though, here is a little bio I’ve put together for Cee Drakeford. 

~ ~ ~

At 16 years old Cee Drakeford has lived just shy of half his life with his adopted family in a small coastal town. 7 years ago he turned up mysteriously at a beach and is presumed by many to have been abandoned by his parents. While he has been hesitant to tell anyone about what really caused him to end up on the beach that day, for now Cee’s main concern is making it through his upper schooling and maybe just maybe getting up the courage to finally tell his adopted family that the truth behind his appearing the beach really is that for a starters his is a Mer. However that is until a storm at sea causes him to come face to face with the past. 

Keeping such big secret about himself caused Cee to develop a more quiet and withdrawn personality. However to those closest to him, like his adoptive family and his best friend Calvin they know that when it comes to his devouring of knowledge and love of books he can become loud and excitable. 

~ ~ ~

I would love to acknowledge who asked what questions but if you would prefer to remain anonymous click the link below to fill in your questions. 

Call for Questions: Cee Drakeford

The interview will be in a few weeks. I look forward to your questions 🙂


One thought on “Call for Questions: Cee Drakeford

  1. CG @ Paper Fury says:

    Aww Cee sounds amazing and I LOVE the premise for your story! I think I’d ask the questions of:
    (1) what’s something he finds very weird/odd about the human world?
    (2) how often does he smile and what makes him smile?


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