The Benefit of Writing Short Stories

The Benefits of Writing Short Stories

I am a self-confessed story lover, however most of the story ideas that I come up I anticipate to become full length novels, not short stories. However, I have written a few short stories and come to the conclusion while I do enjoy coming up with my much longer story ideas there is benefit to writing shorter stories. So, here are a few reasons I came up with about why we should write more short stories.

Getting Creative Juices Flowing

Whether it’s been awhile and you want to get back into writing stories, you want a short break from school work or your main writing project sometimes getting into a short story is a great way to get your creative juices flowing again. Prompts can be helpful when doing this. I’ve mostly used prompts when attempting writing competitions but plan to do it a bit more in the future more to see what comes and exercise my creative writing when I am busy.

They can precursors to new ideas

Sometimes short stories do turn out much longer than originally planned. This tends to happen when you have a very active imagination. I know I wouldn’t be a writer today without mine. One such example for me is my short story Turmoil.

I originally wrote Turmoil for an English assignment and a writing competition that had a maximum word limit of 500 words. While on paper it was a short story, for me it was like a prologue, a small insight to a much larger story idea that branched out in my head. I currently don’t have much more written than the short story I have plans and ideas for where the story will go. I hope to write more some time in the future.

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Good Practice/Development

Short stories I found are also good for practice writing. They are short bursts of writing where you can concentrate on improving specific areas of your writing.

I particularly noticed in grade 12 (which crazily was only last year) in my English Writing class. I wrote several short stories over the year a couple of which made it into my end of year writing folio. Over the year with the help of my teacher, I really felt like I improved my writing. I noticed in my short Story Beast which went through several drafts.


Getting Your Writing Out There

Short Stories are good bite-sized pieces of your writing that are easy to share. Whether you are sharing physical copies or online it could be what peak’s someone’s interest in your work.


What do you think? Do you write many short stories? Have you considered what the benefits might be of writing them as opposed to focusing on your larger works? Are there any other benefits you could think of? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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