Launch of February

I haven’t been the most consistent blogger lately. However I do plan to change things around. So I am making today the start of that with a post that outlines my aims and goals for the year.

My schedule is going to be pretty similar to last year’s. Except that instead of doing a That Word every Tuesday I am going to keep the first week of every month free with today being the exception. After that I aim to keep the same schedule I had with a Bookish post of the Second Saturday of every month, a Writerly post on the third and on the last Saturday a Monthly Recap post. If there is an extra Saturday it will be a surprise post.





I have several story ideas for novels as always. There is a main one I am working on that has to do with Mer people. I aim to have written the first draft done this year. I hope that by mid year it will be close to done, but we will have to see with how consisted I am writing throughout the year. At this stage I have planned to reach the 50,000 mark by the end of May. However I do not expect that to be the end of the book.

As well the main story idea I plan on plotting one story that began from a short story I wrote for school about four years ago. It’s one I’ve thought about doing before, but not really done much about it. I also would like to plan one other story if possible.


Competitions/ Submitting work on line

I’ve entered a few writing competitions before and this year I would like to look around for some more to enter as well as other places where I can submit my work. I think it would be good both for exercising my writing in smaller pieces as well as maybe getting my name out there a bit.



I’ve had a wattpad account for a few years, but have never really been consistent with updating my work. At the moment I have unpublished all my works on there so I can clean them out essentially. Some of them are being collated into one book and others I plan a do over with. I plan to start reposting soon.



I’ve been a part of the Ydub community since the start pretty much, but I have not been that active on it. It has definitely helped me in my writing. I know I can get more out of it if I put more time into it. So this year that is what I plan to do.


Social Media

On social media I have a writing specific Facebook page, however it has been mostly inactive for quite a while. I plan start updating that more regularly even if it is just posting links to my most recent blog post.

I also have an Instagram account which is where I do bookstagram. Which is basically pictures of books. My aim is to be more consistent on there and to do that I plan to do two posts a week. I’m thinking Monday and Thursdays.


Of course, blogging wise I plan to be more consistent with my posting.


Other Areas of my Life


Last year I graduated grade 12 and this year I am beginning a four-year degree studying a Bachelor of Education: Primary. It’s something I’m really excited about. I’ve wanted to be a teacher for about as long as I can remember. I start a 4 day Unistart program on Monday and am looking forward to the start of the first semester in late Feb.



Oh, and on Goodreads this year I have set a goal of reading 90 books. I was ahead for a while, but at this stage I am on track. Sometimes it is hard to pick the next book to read from books I’ve had awhile. I think I am going to finish reading King’s Folly next though as it was a book that was missing for the better part of a year.


These a few of my goals for this year. What goals do you have? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.



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