That Word: Joy (10)

That Word is a segment where I will be posting a new word each week. They are words that I’ve newly discovered or words I’ve known but wanted to be more thorough in knowing the meaning. This could be for you writer’s like myself looking carefully into the words we use or it could be for those people who are just interested in all kinds of different words. No matter which one you are, this post is for you. This week’s word is..


Other forms: joyous, joyful, unjoyed

Where I Discovered it

This isn’t that uncommon a word, but as we are in January the first month of the year I thought I would choose a word that represents happiness.



  1. The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying: keen pleasure; elation:
  2. A source or cause for keen delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated.
  3. The expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
  4. State of happiness or felicity
  5. To feel joy, be glad; rejoice
  6. To gladden (obsolete)
  7. A female given name
Definitions sourced from

Example Sentences

In the presence of God joy flowed.

Christmas brought a season of joy everywhere.

Books brought her joy as they showed her a world known and yet unknown.

My Thoughts

Joy is not that uncommon a word as Inhave already mentioned, however I wanted to start 2018 That Word’s bringing something that might be good hence Joy. I know often Inwould describe myself as experiencing Joy. I don’t know that mere happiness is a word that will describe it. For me I would often describe the feeling of being in God’s presence as joy.

On the word itself it is an easy word to learn to spell and just as easy sound too.


What are your thoughts? Do you like joy? Have you used it much? Would you use it more or less? Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts.

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