That Word 9

That Word is a segment where I will be posting a new word each week. They are words that I’ve newly discovered or words I’ve known but wanted to be more thorough in knowing the meaning. This could be for you writer’s like myself looking carefully into the words we use or it could be for those people who are just interested in all kinds of different words. No matter which one you are, this post is for you. This week’s word is…




Where I Discovered It

While a word that certainly has some familiarity it particularly struck me as I was reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer.



  1. initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness
  2. courage; spunk; guts;
  3. common sense; shrewdness


Example Sentences

“I was hoping you would have inherited more gumption from our people.” ~ Dr. Erland p. 276 of Cinder

Michael gathered his gumption. This would be no easy task.

“Use your gumption. Don’t be stupid.” Michael said.


My Thoughts

I love the sound of this word ‘gumption’. It sounds cool. Just imagine saying “I’ve got gumption.”
It is a good word to use instead of courage or common sense, but at the same I also think it wouldn’t suit all characters. It isn’t a word you would hear or see everyday. I think I would love to see it around more.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever seen or read Gumption before? Have you used it before? Do you think it is one you would use in the future? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments.

One thought on “That Word 9

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Ah I love this word! I actually hear it all the time and it’s definitely a used word in my house.😂 Although it also doubles as the name of a cleaning product? hhahah So it comes up a lot. But it is great and it like SOUNDS like it means which is fabulous.


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