That Word Number 8

That Word is a segment where I will be posting a new word each week. They are words that I’ve newly discovered or words I’ve known but wanted to be more thorough in knowing the meaning. This could be for you writer’s like myself looking carefully into the words we use or it could be for those people who are just interested in all kinds of different words. No matter which one you are, this post is for you. This week’s word is..



Where I Discovered It

I discovered jimp when I was playing words with friends. It’s one of those guesses where I surprise myself in that the word actually worked.


  1. slender; trim; delicate
  2. scant; barely sufficient

Originates from Scotland and Northern England

Definitions sourced from

Example Sentences

For the first time they really looked at him and noticed how tall and jimp he appeared.

He looked over the jimp food they planned to take with them on the trip and shook his head.


My Thoughts

Jimp is a word that surprised me when I discovered it. Several times as I’ve tried to use the word in this post it tried to auto change to jump. I couldn’t really imagine what the definition for jimp was, yet it also seems to fit the word. At least I think so. Jimp sounds very much like it’s read and somehow to me seems to encompass it’s meaning. I can imagine something slender and delicate.


What are your thoughts? Have you heard or seen ‘jimp’ before? Have you used ‘jimp’? Would you use it in the future? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “That Word Number 8

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I’ve never heard of “jimp” before!! Definitely a new word for me (haha my autocorrect is even saying “WHAT IS THIS”😂). Although “gimp” makes me think of the photo editing software.😂


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