Book Series I need to Finish Part 1

Today’s story/bookish post I am listing book series I really want to finish, but just haven’t yet for different reasons. In this first part I am focusing on books where I have read 2 or more books in the series, but not finished it yet.

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  1. The Blood of Kings series by Jill Williamson (2 books read)

    I have read both By Darkness Hid and To Darkness Fled at least two times each. However I have yet to read the third book. This series without having even read the last book is definitely one of my favourites and I can’t wait to see where the last book will take me.

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  2. The Inheritance Cycle By Christ Paolini (2.5 books read)

    I had to wait for Eragon to arrive at my local library but I am currently rereading it. I can’t remember if there was a specific reason why I stopped reading this series and I hope to finish it this time round. Some of the things I like from what I remember is the unique languages and I guess just following Eragon as he learns more about himself and the path he must lead in his sudden changes in life.

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  3. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (3 books read. only Winter left)

    What I love about the Lunar Chronicles is that they are sci-fi retellings of fairytales. It is a unique, fresh perspective on these fairytales and gives you enough of the original tale with plenty the sci-fi story as well. I only have Winter to go and I look forward to reading it.

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  4. Throne of Glass series (3 books read)

    I read the first throne of glass book called Throne of Glass and wasn’t too sure of it. But then I read the second and absolutely fell in love with it. Currently I’ve read three of the books and can’t wait to see where this series will lead.

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  5. Divergent series (2 books read)

    One of the main reasons I picked up this series was because my best friend liked it and she wasn’t and still isn’t much of a reader. I’ve got the third book I just need to stop borrowing library books for a bit and actually get to it. It’s been sitting around for awhile.

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  6. Protector of the Small (2 books read)

    I really wasn’t to sure about this series when I first read it. I think it’s more for middle grade readers. However I did end up enjoying them and it would be interesting to see where the series goes.

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  7. Children of the Bard series by Bryan Davis (2 books read)

    I obviously have so many books that I need to read. Sometimes I forget about them for a while. Bryan Davis is one of my favourite authors and the Children of the Bard series is a sequel series to both the Dragons in our Midst series and to the Oracles of Fire series. I definitely need to get to reading these soon.


Have you read or heard of any of these series or authors before? Is there any series you’ve begun but have yet to finish? Do you have too many books on your TBR too?


2 thoughts on “Book Series I need to Finish Part 1

  1. Alexa @ Summer Snowflakes says:

    Ooh, I recognize a lot of these! Okay, first, The Lunar Chronicles: it’s AMAZING!!! Winter might actually be my favorite book in the series. Love it so much ❤

    I read the first book in Throne of Glass and wasn't into it either, I've finished the Divergent trilogy, and am also in the middle of the Children of the Bard series. I too have a ton of books to read. :p

    Found your blog via Ydub!



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