That Word: Number 6

That Word is a segment where I will be posting a new word each week. They are words that I’ve newly discovered or words I’ve known but wanted to be more thorough in knowing the meaning. This could be for you writer’s like myself looking carefully into the words we use or it could be for those people who are just interested in all kinds of different words. No matter which one you are, this post is for you. This week’s word is…





Where I Discovered It

I discovered this word while reading Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray.


  1. A fast ship used for piracy
  2. A pirate especially formerly of the Barbary Coast.
  3. A gull-winged, propeller-driven fighter plane built for the U.S Navy in World War II and kept in service into the early 1950s.

An Example Sentence

The better to let a single-pilot corsair launch safely. -p. 387

“My corsair can handle it better than your fancy ship can.”

My Thoughts

When I first read ‘corsair’ I had no idea what it meant. A few more iterations of the word enabled me to get a better idea, though. It’s definitely a word I wouldn’t use very often. However I also think it would be an interesting word to use for a small ship as it has been used in Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray.


What are your thoughts? Have you read or heard ‘corsair’ somewhere before? Have you used it yourself before? Do you think you would use it in the future? Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below.


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